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Here are a few helpful & time-saving tools. We hope you find them useful.
Many of these calculators can be installed on your web-site free of charge! Just copy the HTML code, provided below the tool, and paste it in your web-site's code.

401k Loan Limit Calculator:

This tool uses the default method to calculate the maximum 401k loan amount for an employee. If your company uses an alternative method, your limit must always be (equal to or less than) the amount calculated by this method.

Payroll Loan Calculator:

Use this for 401k loans or conventional payroll loans. It works with all payroll payment schedules, except quarterly and annually.
If you know your interest rate, payment terms, and loan amount; this tool calculates your payment and provides a loan payment schedule for you.

HCE Limit Calculator:

This tool calculates the average deferral percentage (ADP) limit (& average contribution limit - aka ACP) for Highly Compensated Employees (HCEs).
If you know your ADP and ACP amounts for your HCEs and Non-HCEs, use this tool to double-check your HCE Limit calculation.

HCE Refund Calculator:

If your 401k fails the year-end ADP / ACP test, you could choose to refund deferrals to HCEs, but you must do it within 75 days after the plan year end to avoid penalties. This tool calculates the refund quickly and accurately.
The HCE Refund Calculator is for customers of 401kTest.com. All other use is strictly prohibited.
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Comparative Analysis of ROTH v. TRADITIONAL Retirement Plans:

Find out which investment choice is better based on your unique circumstances: How long till retirement, what you think your tax rate will be when you're old and grey, etc.
Some analysts charge $1,000s to provide this kind of sophisticated information to their clients!

EBAR Calculation:

Annual Method:
Not for the faint of heart. Use this if you have a plan that allows EBAR calculations; or plug in your data to see if your plan would benefit from an EBAR option. A TPA should be consulted if you are going to use an EBAR, cross-testing, and other complicated options to maximize contributions to HCEs.
IE: This tool is designed for TPAs.

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