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Does your web-site attract the small business community?
If so, you can make alot of money by listing us!

We have two web-sites that target business owners, officers & administrators:
  • 401ktest.com
  • ProjectedFinancialStatements.com.
    These sites provide free tools and great products!

    Earn high commissions for clients referred by your web-site, or your marketing efforts!
    Commission are based on a percentage of sales generated.
    Commission rates are based on sales volume.
    Commission checks are written in the first week of the month for sales generated thru the end of the previous month. We don't make you wait for weeks to get paid!

    There is no cost to sign up as an Affiliate!
    Please contact us at your convenience if you are interested in making money with us! We'll provide you with a choice of banners and a discount code (to track sales). Once you choose a banner and a discount code, we'll send you the HTML code needed to add 401ktest.com or ProjectedFinancialStatements.com to your web-site.

    We had previously worked with a third party processor, but our affiliates became increasingly frustrated with their payment terms and fees.
    Commissions are now being processed and paid in-house, where we can ensure accuracy and more timely payouts.
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