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How to use the HCE Refund Calculator:
Enter information in the highlighted fields and get instant results!
Start at the TotalRefund tab, then finish by entering information in the tab labeled IndRefCalc.
TotalRefund Tab:
Annual Salary Limit' is the maximum salary recognized for testing purposes. The IRS sets this limit annually. The limit is $245,000 for 2010 and 2011.
The ADP (or ACP) limit is calculated by performing the ADP/ACP test. This test should be performed (or reviewed) by a professional. has an online testing routine with is designed to make this test inexpensive, quick and accurate.
Earnings on amounts to be refunded:
The section labled 'Calculation of Earnings' is an optional tool. Your IA will often give you the earnings amount after the refund is calculated.
If the IA gives you the earnings (or if you would like to use and alternative method for calculating earnings), simply enter the earnings in the over-ride fields.
IndRefCalc Tab:
Affected HCEs will automatically be listed at the top of the screen. Enter each employee's information in the highlighted fields.
It's very important that employees are listed in the highlighted fields in order base on the Total ADP (or ACP) amount. The highest deferral is listed first.
If employees are not listed in order from highest deferral to the lowest, this refund calculation tool will not work properly.
This tool was designed for companies with 10 HCEs or less.
Please also note: The refund calculation procedure was not integrated into the program because the is test frequently updated and/or changed.
Our company goal is to provide fast, accurate, and affordable testing for the small business community, so we could not spend an additional $20,000 or more to
integrate a testing procedure that will likely change in the next 18 months.
If your purchased this Refund Calculator:
This HCE refund calculator can be purchased as a permanent single user license, and is sold as a spreadsheet format. No cells are hidden. The entire program is at your disposal.
The Permanent license gives your company permission to use the tool in any way you like; however,
you may not duplicate the program and resell it.
If you would like to re-sell this program, please contact us for conditions and permission.
Thank you for your interest in this product!
Anthony C. Gruber, CPA
President, Viser Business Tools
Annual Salary Limit ADP (or ACP) Limit
List HCEs in order from the largest 401k contribution % to the smallest. This Calculation Will Not Work unless HCEs are listed in order by %!
Name (or #) of Eligible HCE Wages - as defined Total ADP (or ACP)
by the plan Contribution
HCEs Actual ADP (or ACP)
Total Percentage to Add Back
Total Amount to be Refunded
Calculating the Earnings on Amounts to be Refunded:
Annual Earnings on Ratable Earnings on
ADP (or ACP) ADP (or ACP)
Earnings on amount to be refunded Earnings % Amount to be refunded Amount to be refunded
Investment Balance Earnings for the Year
(This over-rides calculated earnings)
Enter the Affected HCEs (below) in order from the largest 401k CONTRIBUTION to the smallest.
Name (or #) of Eligible HCE Wages - as defined Total ADP (or ACP) Catch-up Cont.
by the plan Contribution
Name (or #) of Eligible HCE Wages - as defined Total ADP (or ACP) Catch-up
Net ADP (or ACP) Net Contribution Earnings Allocated
by the plan Contribution Contribution
Contribution allowed: to be refunded: to the Refund